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Last Day of High School...

Do you remember my PB and J sandwich postfrom a while back? Well, the last sandwich I'll ever have to make for the brown paper lunch bag came and went and I didn't even realize it. I made her lunch Wednesday morning just like every other day...all knowing that the next day would be the last. On Thursday, Kelsie woke up and said she didn't need a lunch, because they were getting out early after the Graduation practice.

What? Wednesday's sandwich was the last?? Actually, I'm probably better off... no tears that way. Our baby girl will graduate tonight at 6:00 pm and the weather is perfect...sunny and 80*. A little hot, but better than rain!

Here she is leaving for school this morning's graduation practice, bright and early! Last day.

and here are Annie and Hallie watching her leave! Last day for them to watch her go out the door in the morning.

After the ceremony, the students are bused to an All Night Graduation Party. Parents raised $21,000 so the kids would h…