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The Smell of Fall is in the Air...From a Crock Pot

Don't you love the smells of autumn...apples, cinnamon, pumpkins. Well, here's a quick and safe way to enjoy those smells.

I made more apple pies today. One pie is for home (home nothing, my husband will eat the whole thing himself) and the second pie is for work.

I had all the cores and apple peals left over and I knew just what to do with them. This is also great time to use those apples on the bottom of the fruit drawer that are all bumped and bruised!

Place all your apples into a small crock pot and add your favorite spices. I used ground and whole cinnamon and some whole cloves.

Add water about half way up...

Cover and slow cook on low and it will last all day....just add more water and spices as needed. You can also simmer it on high and the smells will start faster, but watch how fast it cooks down.

It will start to cook down over time. This was just after an hour....mmm it smells so good!

Happy fall, ~Karen~

Tool Time Tuesday...Doorway Theater

Or how about Doorway Theater or From The Doorway To Broadway...

What ever name you give this project, your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews will be glad you turned 2 tension rods from the hardware store into...

a Doorway Theater!

This is more of a technique, rather than exact measurements, because every one's doorways are different sizes and well, so are your children! lol. Just as a reference, my doorway is 34 inches wide.I used 2 strips of fabric that I had. Each pieces is 28 inches wide and 72 inches long. I also had a piece of red and white polka dot that you'll see later.
The process for this is really easy. I didn't even hem anything. If you don't sew too much, it just took 3 straight lines and that's all...oh yeah and some hot glue. If you don't sew at all, just hot glue everything!!

First step is to fold over the top edge down about 13 inches.

Now from the top folded edge, go down about 2 inches.

The 2 inch mark is where you will sew, hot glue or us…