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Bird Nesting Material Update...

Remember the tutorial for this bird nesting material cage? (Click HERE to go to that post.)

Well, look what I found in the tree not far away from the cage...

I'm not saying all the fluffy stuff in that bird's nest is from my nesting cage, but...

my crafting heart hopes it is!!

Save some of your crafting, sewing, knitting scraps and make a nesting cage for your feathered friends.

Happy Friday,

Thoughts on Thursday...

Why doesn't peanut butter wash off the silverware in the dishwasher?

I think the peanut butter has some super power cape against the soap...I know it's oil, but come on, soap and scalding hot water? Why is it still there, caked on like it never went through that one hour cycle of power washing.

Forget about trying to get people (meaning my family) to wipe off the spoon before they plunk it in the washer.

I think I'm going to ban peanut butter in my house...LOL or put the crusty spoon at their place setting when I set the table for dinner!!

I know I'm lucky to have a dishwasher, but I do need it to work a little harder on the peanut butter.

How about you and your dishwasher? Does peanut butter bug you or am I the only "nut" case. 

Maybe it's the soap door doesn't open, or spots on the glasses, or when the silverware slips in the big holes in the basket and they stop the rack from rolling, or when you break a glass "in" the dishwasher...maybe I sh…

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree...

What??? I know, it's January. However, I've had a ton of emails from the Christmas home tour asking how I decorate my Christmas trees. I didn't take any pictures of the process when I was putting UP all the trees, but I did take some last week when I was taking them I just reversed the process.

Here is the Santa Claus here for the original post on that

To start, I placed the hole tree in the storage container I keep all the supplies in.

The tree stem was too tall and bare looking for me, so hiding it in the container helps.

The tree stand fits perfectly.

Then I just wrapped the base with a piece of quilt batting to look like snow. You could use a white blanket or throw too.

Now here's the process of decorating...lights first. This is a pre-lit tree, but 6 of my other trees are un-lit.

Here are a few light tips...
start at the topwrap the lights from the inside out to give the tree a little depthI use five to six 100 light sets on a 6 foot tree

After ligh…

Tool Time Tuesday...Milk Crate Cover

Milk Crate Cover for a title? I know boring. I wanted to write something clever changing "great" to crate..."Crate" Ideas or "Crate" Expectations, but just couldn't type them in the title box...who's searching for Crate Expectations in their search box?

Any who, here is a tutorial to turn those old ugly milk crates in your garage or basement into something you can actually use in your home.

This cutie...

is covering this dirty little crate that I stole from my husband. Shhh don't tell him, but his golf supplies are in a pile on the shelf in the garage.

This tutorial is a method type pattern, because all crates are different sizes. I used 1/4 inch seam allowance throughout.

First measure the bottom of the crate. Mine is 11 1/2 inches square. Add 1/2 inch for seam final square is 12" x 12".

Measure the side from the inside of the crate, over the rim and...

Down the other side. Mine is a total of 21 I added 3/4 inc…