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Mqx Quilt Show Pictures...

Tina and I had a great day at the Machine Quilter's Expo East in Providence, RI. The quilts were beautiful, not as many vendors though, but we did get wowed by a demo like I told you we would. Here's Tina at the vendor we always buy something from!

Here's my purchase from that shop. A pattern for machine sewing Cathedral Windows and the Purple Thang. I also bought some jumbo ric rac. I LOVE ric rac!!

There were so many wonderful quilts...I took over 100 pictures. These are my absolute favorites.

This first one is the best and we had the honor to meet Nadine who pieced and quilted it herself. I thought for sure she was a professional quilter.

We met when I commented on her beautiful sling. She broke her arm and I asked her about it. She said she made it to match the quilt she had in the show!!

Isn't it just beautiful.

Look at that quilting...I can only dream to quilt like that.

You really need to see this in person!

Thanks for letting me share this nice to meet you…

Find a Friend Friday...

Welcome to another wonder Friday linking party to find a new blogging friend!!

If you're new to FaFF, it's a simple linking party to add a link to your blog so friends, old and new, can stop by and visit.

Tell your blogging friends about the linking party and more will join in with us!
This is an easy one to participate are just linking to your own blog. No projects to sew, furniture to paint or cookies to bake and take a picture off. You are just sharing your blog and then friends will stop by for a looksy. click on "click here to enter"copy and paste or just type in your blog addressenter title of link...your blog name or phrase to grab attentionadd a photo of you, your profile picture or your blog button or whatever you think will grab some one's attention...(I'm thinking a picture of a big piece of strawberry cheese cake, but that just me LOL)
That's it...super easy. Just think of the possibilities of finding some wonderful blogs.
Thanks for partic…

Anyone Going To MQX Today?...

Tina, from Seaside Stitches (my quilting partner in crime) and I made a last minute decision this week to go to The Machine Quilter's Expo this year. We usually go every year and take classes, go to the show and buy things we will never use. That last part is an inside joke, but I'm sure some of you may do the same thing. We realize we are suckers for demos. We are drawn in buy the demonstration and we usually end up buying some quilting tool, template or pattern we never use. I think last year's template and pattern I bought are still in the bag!!

Well, we are headed up this morning to the Providence show, so if anyone else is going to be there let me know here and I can get the comments on my phone!!

Click HERE for the link to the MQX Show East. It's a fun show and the quilts are amazing.

Have a great day,

Thoughts on Thursday...

Vacations...some people call them holidays. Whatever the name, we love and need them!

We have always been a Disney it there. To do it up first class would be wonderful.

However, we've always wanted to drive across the country and visit every state. Drive in a big comfy RV, stay in the best hotels, eat yummy food and explore the country!

Ahhh...a girl can dream, right?

If you didn't have to worry about money or time, where would you go on your "Dream Vacation"?

Happy Thursday,

Laundry Room..Not Big, Not Pretty, Not A Room, But Organaized

Laundry Rooms...Would I love a big room to wash, dry, fold all in one place? A laundry "room" to paint, decorate and make look like my dining room? Absolutely!! I love all the laundry rooms I see online filled with baskets and beautiful glass jars filled with your cleaning essentials.

However, I have a laundry closet and I love it just as much! I sooo appreciate that my laundry closet is upstairs right off my kitchen. Would I love it in my master bedroom closet...YES, but that's not happening any time soon either! So when you have ordinary like me...make it FUNCTIONAL and ORGANIZED!!

Here she is in all her glory! Our washer broke down so we bought a new one. Then the dryer went 6 months later. They changed the design of the set in that 6 months, so now they don't match :( 

In the past it would have bothered me, but now all I care is that they wash and dry for me!! LOL

Here's a little walk through. Maybe you can use a few of the ideas in your laundry space! Notice I…

Tool Time Tuesday...Recycled Milk Cartons For Storage

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Today's Tool Time is a mixture of recycling, hardware store finds and jewelry findings. We all need storage for various things...whether it's for our sewing, crafting or in other parts of our home, we need storage. My first thought is...I don't want to pay for anything to store my things in! Here's where milk cartons come into play.

My kids go through milk so fast, we should own a cow. However, with the girls away at school, the rate we go through it has slowed down. It's taking me longer to save the containers, but I only need a few more.

Do you remember this idea from one of my sewing room posts? It's the back of my cutting table. I use a conduit pipe with brackets attached to the table. It holds my rolls of freezer paper and Heat & Bond.

Old curtain brackets attached under the table.

Conduit pipe is found in the electrical section of your hardware store. An electrician would run wires through this pipe. Me? I use it for rods to hang…