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Accuquilt Go Give Away...Let's Go, Go, Go

SPACE I have just one word for the Accuquilt Go Fabric Cutter...
Ok, I know that's not one word, but I can't help myself. This machine is wonderful. It's so easy to use, accurate and for helps me create more and more beyond the norm. space I have put together so many tutorials for you using the Accuquilt, but it would be too much for this give away post. I will show you a picture of each one here and then do the tutorials on separates posts to follow this. space First let me introduce you to my new best friend... space

She's thin and light weight...unlike me right now!

These are the dies I have...the tumbler, the hexagon, the 2 1/2" strip cutter and the squares. space

The order or placement of everything to cut fabric is...the die (foam up), fabric, then the cutting mat on top. I will show you details of this in the tutorials. Place the die up against…

Tool Time Tuesday...Homemade Playing Cards

Happy Tuesday one and all. I want to say a great big thank you for all your wonderful comments about the Accuquilt Go cutter I received. I'm still working on things for the tutorial and the give away, so I'm thinking towards the end of the week. I think this thing called work is getting in my way of fabric cutting. Do you think my boss will give me time off to "GO!" cut some fabric?
In the meantime, how about making a card game for your children, grandchildren or family friends.
I know we all have a deck of cards and some decks that are missing some cards...and I know we all have some fabric, scraps or jelly rolls around. (jelly rolls are pre cut strips of fabric the are 2 1/2" wide and are the full width of fabric). Here is a picture of a jelly roll that my sister picked up for me. It's all great bright fabric for kids.

Here is one deck of many that we have hanging around the house that's not being used.

Did you know most cards are 2 1/2" wid…

I Can't Keep The Secret Anymore...Woo Hoo!

On July 27th, I received the email of a life time. Carolyn from Accuquilt wrote saying she wanted to send me a FREE Accuquilt GO fabric cutter to try, review and do a tutorial on how well it works. On that day, in your part of the world, if you heard a far away noise, it was me screaming around the house telling my family about this email. space Well, my GO! was delivered late Friday afternoon. The unfortunate thing was we had over 120 people coming the next day for Kelsie's graduation party, so this is my first chance to tell you about it. I will be playing with this wonderful piece of technology all day, all week, for the rest of my life! space Here's the best part of the story though. I will be doing a tutorial/review on my Accuquilt Go, sometime this week. On that tutorial post, there will be a give away for another FREE Accuquilt GO fabric cutter for one of my blog readers. WOO HOO! Can you believe it? They will send one of you a free Accuquilt Go! I think I'm going to cr…