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You’re in the Right Relationship

Many people believe that we don’t choose our partners, and destiny puts us together. Whether that is true or not, it’s important to know if you’re in a healthy relationship.

So, how do you know if you’re in the right relationship?

Here are our tips to help you understand if you’re in the “right relationship” or understand and correctly steer your “wrong relationship”.

1. Communication is kind, open and honest.
You know you’re in the right relationship when your words towards each other are kind and loving (more often than not). Of course, you’ll have your ups and downs, but if kind communication is consistent you have a winning formula.

Of course, not only do you want to speak kindly to each other, but also open and honest. In the right relationship, you can tell your partner ANYTHING without being judged or criticized. Likewise, you can be honest and expect understanding and love. If you feel like you cannot be open and honest, that’s a problem.

Likewise, you want to be sure you are receiv…

Make work fun

Here are some helpful suggestions to make work fun:

 1: Listen to music.
If practical, bring some headphones or portable stereo with you to work. If someone complains, tell them to consider this: researchers at the University of Illinois found that people who listened to music while doing complex analytical work or administrative tasks increased their productivity.

2: Fung Shui your workspace.
Energize and organize your workspace by doing some of all of the following: use colored post-its or paper clips, stack your baskets, use color-coded folders, get a small plant or flower, or have pictures and other inspirational stuff around.

3: Have a stress ball or something else to play with.
If you work on a computer or talk to people all day, it can get boring and stressful real quick. Having something pliable in your hand, like a stress ball, can help ease the boredom.

4: Change your screensaver.
Instead of your company logo, change the computer screen to a picture of nature, your favorite sport…

How do you know if it’s truly love or just lust?

Sometimes our heart and mind get so caught up that it’s hard to tell the difference. In the moment, we feel so amazing that sometimes we just don’t care. But, it’s important to be careful. A broken heart can be devastating. Especially if you allow yourself to fall in love with the wrong person (in that case check out Karen Salmansohn’s book “Prince Harming Syndrome”). Or, if you develop strong feelings for someone who doesn’t desire the same level of commitment.

Any and all situations can arise, but we specifically want to help you determine if it’s truly love or just lust.
How to Tell If It’s LOVE. . . or Just Lust

First, it’s important to know exactly what both are and what they aren’t.

Real, true, unconditional LOVE is an intense feeling of affection – it’s fondness, warmth, attachment and endearment in the most intense and powerful way.  True love forms a strong emotional attachment. It withstands troubles, problems, imperfections and upset.

Lust is simply a very strong sexual de…