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Three life lessons we can learn from our pets

Pets are amazing companions who show us true, unconditional love. In return, we give them a home, teach them new tricks and provide a special place in our hearts. While we think we are teaching them about life, these loving little beings are actually showing us life lessons on how to love, stay peaceful, and have fun!

Practice unconditional love and loyalty

Pets are happy, loyal creatures. They are not judgmental and they don’t care what you wear or how you look. When you are feeling down or ill they are right by your side. They emit pure positive energy and unconditional love. They enjoy every moment with you as if it were truly the greatest gift. When you come home, your pets will greet you at the door and show you just how much they missed you (even if it were only an hour).

Pets are truly masters of unconditional love. Their compassion and loyalty can literally heal us of our emotional and physical wounds. In fact, scientific research is actually showing that animals…

Transform your life with Simple Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations Work

We all have our own self talk, and the truth is that it is not always positive. We’re affirming statements about ourselves and the condition of our life with every thought and word we speak. This is a daily habit that we practice subconsciously. To some degree, we are all using positive affirmations every day.

As we begin to think about specific thoughts, over and over again, they become beliefs. We speak about these beliefs to others and even create the stories we tell from those beliefs. Soon enough, these beliefs become reality – and, the more we think and speak about them the realer they become. The condition of our health, wealth, relationships, etc. depends upon our habit of perception.

When we change the perception of ourselves and our life to a more positive view consistently, our life TRANSFORMS. We are crafting ourselves and our future by the words we speak every single day. Instead of waiting for a miracle to come along and change our…

How to Know It’s Time to Grow


Thoughts about life and personal growth welled up as I replaced our daughter’s car seat with one that would be more comfortable for her as she grew.  Our little girl was growing up fast and it seemed like only yesterday I had put that original car seat in.

As I completed the new installation, thoughts of the snake that sheds its old skin, or the butterfly that breaks free from its cocoon quickly bubbled to the surface. A reflection on life had been staring me right in the eyes the whole time.

How does a car seat connect with personal growth?

As children get older, many things (car seats included) need to grow right along with them in order to help facilitate that growth. To watch a child grow and expand (which happens very quickly, by the way), makes you think about your own personal growth as well.

As a parent, there are moments that give you a glimpse into the future, or a memory from the past. Parenthood also gives you the ultimate perspective that our physical liv…