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Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes...

I love blogging for many reasons...friendship and inspiration are the most important for me. I know many of you have experienced this too. I love all the friends I've made from every corner of the world. Every one of you has inspired me in some way...and I thank you!
I've made a wonderful new friend in the UK...her name is Wendy from The Quiet Room. Hi Wendy!! Do you remember a few weeks ago I shared a recipe for chocolate cupcakes with a cream cheese filling? (recipe here) They are so yummy you must try them if you haven't already. Well, Wendy emailed me and asked if she could substitute peanut butter for the cream cheese. I had never tried it, but it sounded delicious. She also said her favorite candy was Reese's peanut butter cups and maybe that would work too.
See, this is why I...LOVE BLOGGING...friends and inspiration!
So here you go!
Chocolate cake mix (I used Devil's Food...there has to be a story why they call it Devil's Food Cake) and …

Easier For Annie...Elevated Dog Dish

This is Annie! Most of you have seen Annie before. She is our 10 year old Labrador...cute as a button, but getting older. Remember I made the pvc gatefor her, because she can't go upstairs anymore. Well, now I made something else for her, so it's easier for to eat.

I found this old picnic basket at a consignment shop for $2.00. It's held plants, old newspapers, toys etc. The top is a cheaper plywood and kind of crooked, so I didn't mind cutting it up.

I used 2 containers that I knew would hold her food and water.

Traced the containers on a cardboard template the shape of the top of the basket.

Cut and trace the shapes on the top.

Make sure you trace it straighter than I did!! lol

The tools you'll need are a drill with a larger bit...

a hand held jig saw, small hand saw or a man to do it for you.

Drill holes at the corner of each area you want to cut out.

The holes need to be big enough for the jig saw blade to fit it.

Carefully cut out the shapes. This top was a cheap plywoo…

Tool Time Tuesday...Flower Power

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of TTT. This time it's a recycled Tool Time. My daughter Kelsie received flowers a few months ago for dance recitals and graduation. I started saving those little water vials on the stems of flowers and then the plastic picks that holds the cards. Did you know that those picks are called cardettes? I just learned that myself.
Well, here are a few ideas I thought of to use these instead of throwing them away.

Here is the top of the vial. The cap is usually rubber and has a tiny hole for the flower stem to go into.

If we are going to be using these for anything else but flowers, we need to plug that hole.

The first way would be to squeeze a little hot glue in there and let it harden.

You can also trace the circle on card stock...

cut it out and glue the paper inside the cap.

and here you have it all stopped up. You could also glue a little piece of fabric too.

Now here are a few ideas to use the vials... space How about for the larger needles…