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Thoughts on Thursday...

I'm still wrapping...haven't had that AHHHHHH moment yet!

How about you? How's your Christmas list of "Things To Do" going?

Relax and have a cup of tea...if it doesn't get doesn't get done!!

Have a great day,

Tool Time Tuesday...Easy Frosted Glass Projects

Happy Tuesday!! I've seen lots of frosted glass projects on the Internet, but they all use the acid etch cream. You know me...I need something quick and easy and of course from the hardware store.
Here's a quick look at two projects I made before I left for work Monday morning.

This is the magical spray I used to make them.

I found this in the paint section in Walmart and Home Depot.

semi transparent for privacy and decoration...the back of the can has full directions, but it's so easy.
clean surface with soap and water...dryadd stencils or stickers if using for decorspray a few thin wet coats a minute or 2 apartlet dry 10 minutesdone, dry in 10 minutes!!!stinks a little when wet, so spray in the garage or outside

use any glass...

use sticker stencils to create the look where the sticker is going to be clear and the object will be frosted. Use a hollow stencil where that will be frosted and the object stays clear glass. You need to block out the rest of the object with somethi…

No Reply...No Email Address...Can't Respond Back

Hello everyone...hope you had a wonderful weekend.

I thinks it that time again where I do my little shout out to all the wonderful bloggers and commenters who are "No Reply". I've noticed hundreds lately on my blog.

What is No Reply you ask? Well, if someone leaves a comment on any blog that comment goes to the email inbox of the recipient. When the blogger tries to respond back to the comment, the return email address says "No Reply" which equals "no email address, which equals "no reply back" :(

You may think your blog profile is set to show your email address, but it just takes 2 seconds to double check. I get so sad when I know people are blogging all over the world and there isn't an email address attached to their account to enjoy the communication back and forth between bloggers.

Go on...just check...for me!!

Go to your dashboard (I know sad me still has the old one, but shhh don't tell, I don't like the new one)



Sew Darn Crafty Party...Theme Week 45 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Happy Sunday...the last weekend before Christmas. I know we all try to get our handmade gifts done long before this, but it never ceases to amazes me how much I proCRAFTinate this time of year!! LOL...

Today's linking party may help some of us out. Link any project that you have from your blog, no matter how old, that we might use for a last minute holiday gift idea.

Could be anything from...
sewingcraftingbakingwrapping ideasIf you want to add the button to your blog...Click HERE for a tutorial for adding a button

If you're NEW to Sew Darn Crafty, then grab a cup of something tasty, sit back and join in on the fun (starts Sunday and lasts all week long at Sew Many Ways).

"Sew" for anything to do with sewing, "Darn" for anything to do with knitting. I always think of darning to do with knitting, but in my case "darn" usually is similar to the word I say when I mess up crafting!! Let's not forget the word "crafty"…