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Tool Time Tuesday...Recycled Pizza Box Support

I haven't had a recycling Tool Time in a while. You know I always look at something twice before I throw it out and then stuff it in my purse or store it away for a project. Sad, I know...I think I need some sort of garbage counseling LOL!!
Well, here is one of those items.
Do you know what these are?

They look like doll house tables...but they are those little plastic pizza thingies that you find in the middle of the pizza so the cover doesn't end up squished on top of the pizza. Not sure of the name, but maybe pizza protector or pizza box support.

They're only 1 1/2 inches high and 1 1/2 inches wide. Tiny little things, but I have big plans for them.

How about drying supports for craft projects.

Paint something on both side and place it on this support, so it can dry all over at the same time.

Another drying support especially when using glue or Mod Podge. I made these balls with shredded old book pages. Can't let the glue dry right there on the table, because it would glu…

Sew Darn Crafty Party...Week 19

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband and to all the fathers out there...not that there are any men who read this blog besides my husband. Maybe you can pass the wishes on to them! Since 99.9999% of my readers are women, lets say Happy Sew Darn Crafty Day...just don't tell all the dads out there!
So show me what you've been up to this past week or any time for that know we have to sneak our crafting time in when ever we can get it!

 Sew Darn Crafty is all about YOU!! Show off your projects, share a tutorial, show us your vacation pictures, share a family favorite recipe...share anything. Not only does linking inspire us all, it also brings lots of new people to your blog for a visit. Clickhere for past parties and lots of inspiration
Easy steps to join in on the fun...
link up to the specific project post, not your whole blog. Makes it easier to link right to that post and not  search through all your whole blog. To find the http address to a specific post, j…