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Inspiring and Romantic Love Quotes of All Time

Love is the most wonderful feeling of all.  To reflect on the abundance of love floating through the Universe today and every day, we share the words of love that have become eternal throughout the world. 

1. “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then …

Add Positive Energy to Your Workplace

Add Positive Energy to Your Workplace: Stay Organized
Much work stress comes from deadlines that were missed and disorganization. Keep a color coded calendar of all work events, deadlines, meetings, and client updates. Being able to consult the calendar of all daily events will make work less stressful.

Practice Effective Communication
Most people have negative communication with one another because the communication is not effective. Send emails updating colleagues on the things that each person must be aware of and while speaking in person, genuinely listen to one another rather than being abrupt. Better communication produces positive communication and positive feelings.

Many people do not make a habit of smiling and looking cheerful at work, but looking approachable will get you much different results than looking standoffish. Practicing smiling and having a more upbeat attitude makes it likely that other workers will approach you with the same attitude. Clients a…

Parenting Tips

Give Positive Attention While Spending Time With Your Child
    Spend time alone with your child giving them your undivided attention    Plan fun activities that the entire family can participate and enjoy    Take them to different places outside of your neighborhood to expand their horizons such as museums, parks, beaches, camping trips, mountains, etc.    Encourage your child on a daily basis which will help them to prosper in their daily lives    Share a real interest in the things that matters to your childEncourage Positive Communication    Talk “with” your child instead talking “at” them    Take the time to listen to what your child has to say and value the shared information    Urge your child to open up about discussing large and small problems with you    Don’t put your child down while they discuss any concerns or problems they are dealing with    Plan some time each day to have a conversation with your child to discuss about how their day went, and any possible difficulties…

Health Benefits of Celery

"People with Crohns Disease, IBS and many other digestive issues could benefit greatly from eating celery".

Celery is a food that we all know and love. It’s used in a variety of summer salads, as well as in soup recipes and much more. But did you know that celery carries with it a multitude of health benefits? Tyler Tolman shows us the mind-blowing benefits of this crunchy low calorie snack!

“Have you ever noticed that celery looks like our bones? If you cut a whole stock of Celery it looks just like the insides of a bone as well. Celery is high in natural sodium which is the catalyst for making bones.

Many people think by taking calcium supplements they are helping their bones when in fact all they are doing is calcifying their body.

Let’s think about it for a second, you can take coral calcium off the ocean floor and sell it as pills or you could recognize that the coral got there by the sodium content in the water and sunshine in the first place. 2 major building blocks for y…

You’re in the Right Relationship

Many people believe that we don’t choose our partners, and destiny puts us together. Whether that is true or not, it’s important to know if you’re in a healthy relationship.

So, how do you know if you’re in the right relationship?

Here are our tips to help you understand if you’re in the “right relationship” or understand and correctly steer your “wrong relationship”.

1. Communication is kind, open and honest.
You know you’re in the right relationship when your words towards each other are kind and loving (more often than not). Of course, you’ll have your ups and downs, but if kind communication is consistent you have a winning formula.

Of course, not only do you want to speak kindly to each other, but also open and honest. In the right relationship, you can tell your partner ANYTHING without being judged or criticized. Likewise, you can be honest and expect understanding and love. If you feel like you cannot be open and honest, that’s a problem.

Likewise, you want to be sure you are receiv…

Make work fun

Here are some helpful suggestions to make work fun:

 1: Listen to music.
If practical, bring some headphones or portable stereo with you to work. If someone complains, tell them to consider this: researchers at the University of Illinois found that people who listened to music while doing complex analytical work or administrative tasks increased their productivity.

2: Fung Shui your workspace.
Energize and organize your workspace by doing some of all of the following: use colored post-its or paper clips, stack your baskets, use color-coded folders, get a small plant or flower, or have pictures and other inspirational stuff around.

3: Have a stress ball or something else to play with.
If you work on a computer or talk to people all day, it can get boring and stressful real quick. Having something pliable in your hand, like a stress ball, can help ease the boredom.

4: Change your screensaver.
Instead of your company logo, change the computer screen to a picture of nature, your favorite sport…

How do you know if it’s truly love or just lust?

Sometimes our heart and mind get so caught up that it’s hard to tell the difference. In the moment, we feel so amazing that sometimes we just don’t care. But, it’s important to be careful. A broken heart can be devastating. Especially if you allow yourself to fall in love with the wrong person (in that case check out Karen Salmansohn’s book “Prince Harming Syndrome”). Or, if you develop strong feelings for someone who doesn’t desire the same level of commitment.

Any and all situations can arise, but we specifically want to help you determine if it’s truly love or just lust.
How to Tell If It’s LOVE. . . or Just Lust

First, it’s important to know exactly what both are and what they aren’t.

Real, true, unconditional LOVE is an intense feeling of affection – it’s fondness, warmth, attachment and endearment in the most intense and powerful way.  True love forms a strong emotional attachment. It withstands troubles, problems, imperfections and upset.

Lust is simply a very strong sexual de…


Habits Happy People Have It’s time to program new thoughts and habits with the affirmations below to help bring you what you DO want as opposed to what you don’t want.
Here are  Affirmations to Help you Build Positive Self-Talk


    All is always well.     I am confident and capable.    I attract positive people in my life.    I know who I am and I am enough.    The positive energy around me is continuously expanding.    I choose to be present and mindful right now.    I am grateful for my miraculous life.    I choose to think positive thoughts that serve me.    I fulfill the promises I make to myself and others.    I love sharing my happiness with everyone around me.    I feel energetic and so alive.    I am in control of the way I respond to the behavior of others.    I have the will. I have the way.    I am love, peace, hope, joy, truth and positive, radiant light!    I forgive and release. I am filling my heart and mind with love.    All of my needs …

Happy people (But Never Talk About)

1. Happy people don’t need acceptance.

In our culture, it’s often about your “inner circle.” It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.


Wrong. For many happy people, they are simply themselves, and through their infectious, radiant energy they attract other happy people.

Happy people don’t need to fit in with the crowd or change so that others will like them. They live and are guided by who they truly are and don’t need others to accept them.

2. Happy people embrace the temporary.

Happy people enjoy the ride and accept the bumps in the road that come along with it. They do so because they know that life is short and that things always work out. Besides, they are too busy excitedly awaiting the next good thing to come along anyways.

Jobs, relationships, and circumstances all come and go. In the meantime, happy people seek out their next adventure, learn and make the most of it.

3. Happy people refuse to be denied their dreams.

Happy people are not only gregarious, loving people, but the…

Ways to Live a Simple Life

In our daily lives, we often rush through tasks, trying to get them done, trying to finish as much as we can each day, speeding along in our cars to our next destination, rushing to do what we need to do there, and then leaving so that we can speed to our next destination.

Unfortunately, it’s often not until we approach our final destination that we realize what madness this all is. At the end of the day, we’re often exhausted and stressed out from the grind and the chaos and the business of the day. We don’t have time for what’s important to us, for what we really want to be doing, for spending time with loved ones, for doing things we’re passionate about.

Here are  Ways You Can Start to Live a Simple Life.


    Don’t spend money on things you don’t really need.    Avoid debts, if at all possible.    Have a garage sale to get rid of old junk you don’t use.    Buy a bike instead of a car (you’ll save money on insurance, gas, repairs, a car note, and      maintenance).    Avoid…

Forgiveness is The Gift You Give Yourself:

1. Forgiveness can bring you a renewed peaceful spirit.

When you forgive others, even those who severely did you wrong, you find yourself feeling more positive overall and less stressed. You may even experience health benefits like lower blood pressure. It’s important to forgive others, not because they deserve your forgiveness, but because YOU deserve peace. You deserve to feel renewed and healed; and you will. Just forgive. . .
2. Forgivenesss allows you to move in the direction of your goals.

When someone hurts or offends you, negative feelings of bitterness or revenge are created. Don’t let yourself pay the price over and over. Oftentimes, the focus on the past and the hurt will keep you from enjoying the wonders of today and the potential of tomorrow. Although you may think you’re a great multi-tasker (and you may be), your mind can only focus on one thing. When you allow yourself to forgive others immediately, you can focus on what truly matters, your goals, dreams and life purpose…

Three life lessons we can learn from our pets

Pets are amazing companions who show us true, unconditional love. In return, we give them a home, teach them new tricks and provide a special place in our hearts. While we think we are teaching them about life, these loving little beings are actually showing us life lessons on how to love, stay peaceful, and have fun!

Practice unconditional love and loyalty

Pets are happy, loyal creatures. They are not judgmental and they don’t care what you wear or how you look. When you are feeling down or ill they are right by your side. They emit pure positive energy and unconditional love. They enjoy every moment with you as if it were truly the greatest gift. When you come home, your pets will greet you at the door and show you just how much they missed you (even if it were only an hour).

Pets are truly masters of unconditional love. Their compassion and loyalty can literally heal us of our emotional and physical wounds. In fact, scientific research is actually showing that animals…

Transform your life with Simple Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations Work

We all have our own self talk, and the truth is that it is not always positive. We’re affirming statements about ourselves and the condition of our life with every thought and word we speak. This is a daily habit that we practice subconsciously. To some degree, we are all using positive affirmations every day.

As we begin to think about specific thoughts, over and over again, they become beliefs. We speak about these beliefs to others and even create the stories we tell from those beliefs. Soon enough, these beliefs become reality – and, the more we think and speak about them the realer they become. The condition of our health, wealth, relationships, etc. depends upon our habit of perception.

When we change the perception of ourselves and our life to a more positive view consistently, our life TRANSFORMS. We are crafting ourselves and our future by the words we speak every single day. Instead of waiting for a miracle to come along and change our…

How to Know It’s Time to Grow


Thoughts about life and personal growth welled up as I replaced our daughter’s car seat with one that would be more comfortable for her as she grew.  Our little girl was growing up fast and it seemed like only yesterday I had put that original car seat in.

As I completed the new installation, thoughts of the snake that sheds its old skin, or the butterfly that breaks free from its cocoon quickly bubbled to the surface. A reflection on life had been staring me right in the eyes the whole time.

How does a car seat connect with personal growth?

As children get older, many things (car seats included) need to grow right along with them in order to help facilitate that growth. To watch a child grow and expand (which happens very quickly, by the way), makes you think about your own personal growth as well.

As a parent, there are moments that give you a glimpse into the future, or a memory from the past. Parenthood also gives you the ultimate perspective that our physical liv…

Spirituality Can Save Your Relationship

Most of us believe in some “Higher Power” greater than ourselves; call it God, Mother Earth, the Universe, Nature, Energy or something else. We see this tremendously complex, massive and elaborate place called Earth and often contemplate our role within it.

As we continue through our lives, the desire to live a spiritual existence often follows. Though we may follow different spiritual paths, most of us pray, worship, and choose to believe in some transcendentally higher purpose. This can certainly impact our relationships, as we often desire share these spiritual elements of our lives with our significant other.

There are numerous dynamics in our relationships, but spirituality does seem to play a primary role for many couples. The reasons for spiritual connectedness differ, but one common element is the thinking that it may empower and sustain the relationship itself. This makes sense, as spirituality is commonly associated with feelings of peace, harmony, love, and pr…

Find Your Flow and Flourish

1. Visualize what you want your life to look like. Before anything begins to manifest in the physical realm, you must first envision what your dream life would consist of. The idea that the reality we see every day begins as vibrational energy held at the same frequency for an extended period of time before it exists physically has been coined “The Law of Attraction.” This elusive concept seems foreign to many people, but it becomes easier to understand if you break it down in laymen terms.
Basically, what you repeatedly think becomes what you repeatedly do, and all of this determines what reality you see every day. To live a life you really want, you must align your thoughts and actions with the reality you seek. The energy you put out into the world comes back to you, so make sure you pay attention to your thoughts; you’re subconsciously creating your reality at this very moment with your mind!
2. Buy a vision board and write down your goals. Ask yourself these five que…