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Holiday Place Card Update...

I finally found the notes I jotted down of ideas for the Place Card postI did yesterday. I knew I had others I wanted to share...2 more ideas and another idea for labeling creams for coffee on a holiday buffet table.

The first place card holder is an easy one made with candy canes.

You just need 3 of any size..these are the tiny ones.

Hot glue 2 of them together, so the hooks are positioned to hold the place card...almost like an easel.

Close up of hot glue.

and here is the third candy cane for support so it can stand up on it's own.

Top view.

Add a little ribbon.

and you're done!!

These would be great for dinner place cards or labeling food on a buffet, but extra cute for the "kids" table. Remember the kids table when you were younger. They need cute things too, but just tell them they can't eat these.

How about a beautiful piece of, pear, pomegranate.

Just stick in 2 floral picks or paper clips to hold the card.

Here is another great entertaining idea that I …

Tool Time Tuesday...Holiday Place Card Holders

It's Tuesday again and you know what that things to make!! I'm trying to make these next few weeks of TTT holiday crafts. I know I'm early, but I never have time to make anything the closer it gets to December, so why not join me in some early handmade gifts or things for your home. I'll have gift ideas to put together at the end.

I am going to clarify one thing before I begin this post. I LABEL EVERYTHING...even my coffee pots. You'll see in a minute. We have most of the holiday functions and parties at our home. Both my family and my husband's family get along so well and have a great time together. When we have everyone for Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter there can be over 45+ people. To keep things flowing and organized, I label the food and the drinks.

Here are a few examples of Holiday place card holders that you can make to label your next party. If you have a small dinner party, having place card holders for each person is great. For me,…