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Tool Time Tuesday...Magnetic Business Card Ideas

This Tuesday finds us back at Home Depot again. I think I'm there more than the fabric store!! I found these magnetic business cards in the key making section. I'm sure all hardware stores sell them. Carpenters, plumbers, electricians would use them to adhere their business cards to and then they become advertising magnets for the refrigerator. They also sell them in office supply stores, but I've said it a hundred times before...things are cheaper in the hardware store, because they don't know what they have. If they knew crafters and quilters were in there, they would raise the prices. Shhhh...don't tell them.

This box of 50 was only $10.00. They are much more in other stores. They could be cheaper online, so shop around. All you do is peel away the paper and stick on your business card, maybe from your blog or etsy shop. However, you know me...I'll think of something else.

You can really just use regular paper or card stock with your own design, but I thought …