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Pressing Board Into A Lap Desk...

Hi Everyone...I was cleaning out the nightmare of a mess I have going on in my sewing room/office and I came across this cut and press board. I don't use it much anymore in my sewing room, but it is great to take to a class.

Here's the padded side for ironing

Here's the other hard side for cutting.

Here's what I gave to my husband to use under the computer he uses when he's in my sewing room with me.

Ever since I added that big comfy chair from our bedroom, he's sits with me at night while we're both on the computer or watching TV. Great to have him in here when I'm sewing.

If you have a cut and press board or something like it, use it for a lap desk while you're not using it for sewing. It's the perfect size for a laptop computer.

Off to finish cleaning the mess. I'll have pictures of a few things when I'm done.

See you soon, ~Karen~

Oldie, But A Goodie...Homemade Donuts

I made these yummy donuts when the girls had friends over one night this summer. Our house is famous for these donuts. Their friends ask for them ALL the time. Not the healthiest snack, but a great once in a while treat.

I remember my mother always making these when I was little too, so I know this is an oldie, but a goodie!

For hot fresh donuts, all you need is a tube of these biscuits...Pillsbury (the camera flash kind of blocked out the name) or any store brand buttermilk biscuit. Sorry for the dark kitchen is in the center of the house, so there's not a lot of natural light.

I use the top of a salt shaker to make the donut hole.

Separate all the biscuits...

Press the salt shaker top into each.

and here you have one donut and one donut hole!

I use an electric skillet, so I can control the temperature of the oil. Vegetable oil usually set at 350* - 375*.

Cut all the biscuits while the oil is heating up.

Carefully slide in the donuts 5-6 at a time. Too many at one time cools…

Tool Time Tuesday...Pie, Paper, Plate Organizer

Say that 10 times fast. Ok, don't...I'm spitting all over my computer screen just saying the title out loud!

Do you have one of these plate holders or is it a pie rack/server? If you don't, I'm sure you've seen them in yard sales, consignments shops etc. Well, bring them out or go out and get one, because today we're using it for paper organizing.

I changed my sewing room/office around a bit. I'll show that in another post. My desk is a big butcher block table with only one little drawer for pens and pencils. So I needed vertical storage and this plate rack is the answer.

I used key rings and those little round tags to label what's on each shelf.

Why do I label my whole family knows where the white card stock is, not just me!

These are the three paper products I use the most at my desk, so that's why they get the extra special place. Everything else is in paper organizer case hidden under my desk. space I even have a label for my labels...…

Cutting Brownies The Easy Way...

Brownies! We all love them and we all eat them (maybe not all of us. I eat them, I prefer a large platter of nachos with cheese, salsa and sour cream, but that's another story) I know one thing, I hated cutting them until about 10 years ago.

When you cut brownies with a metal knife, the brownie sticks to the knife, it pulls the brownies instead of cutting it and the edge are all torn up.

Well, not any more. See that knife in the pan...that's my secret weapon. A plastic knife. Some of you may already know this, but if I can save one person out there from a brownie work here is done!!!

See how it cuts without pulling.


and now for a close up.

Who knew a cheap little piece of plastic could work wonders

I made 2 batches of brownies, 2 batches of the cream cheese cup cakesand 2 batches of the peanut butter cup cakes. The girls each needed things brought up to them at school that they had forgotten, so we packed up some goodies they could share in their dorms.