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Tool Time Tuesday...Tea Ball Pincushion

Most weeks I already have an idea about what I'm doing for Tool Time. I even have a TTT box of things I collect. This weekend was busy and Sunday was a computer (blogger) nightmare. As you can see, I changed my header. I thought I would just remove the picture, try another and then put the original back. To make an 8 hour story (with a few tears in there) very short, this is my new header. It's temporary, because my very talented daughter Courtney designed me a new one. I won't be using it for a while...I can't take another computer adventure right now.

What does all that have to do with this week's TTT. Well, my old header had a tea for one tea pot and an antique tea ball. I was roaming around my sewing room Monday morning trying to find some inspiration when I spotted all little tea ball collection.

I love tea, tea balls and tea pots. Here's a picture of my favorite tea pot. Disney is our favorite place on earth and this little Minnie teapot sits on …