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Sew Darn Crafty...Week 63

Welcome to another week of Sew Darn Crafty...I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us each week and also for stopping by . We all have busy weeks with work, family or just a crazy busy week in general. It's nice to stop, relax and be inspired.

So let's see what will spark our imaginations this week...

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I'm Having A Sew Sew Saturday...Join Me Again?

Last Saturday was my first "Sew Sew Saturday"...not a so so Saturday, but a Sew Sew!! I made an appointment with myself to get some something done and I did it.

For me, Saturday seems to work the best. During the week, work gets in the way and night time I usually  do my projects for my blog post, not to mention computer time for Pinterest and catching up on emails. This is why I love my new "Sew Sew Saturdays"

Today we are leaving bright and early for a road trip to see my nephew play soccer. However, I am still sewing something. I promised myself I would try to stick with this.

Here's what I dragged out of Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. I will do my hand sewing in the car. Need to take my Bonine though (motion sickness pill). That stuff works great for me. I can sew AND read in the car when I take that.

I am hanging my head in shame on this one...I started this 10 years ago.

My saving grace on this project is that I told my husband I would make…

Find A Friend Friday...

Hello all my wonderful blogging friends and welcome to another fabulous edition of...

Find a Friend Friday... (say that with one of those echoing voices from game shows! LOL)
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Thoughts on Thursday...

Let's have another stroll down memory lane...childhood toys!

I was born in 1965, so my memories would be toys from the 70's.

I loved...

View MasterEtch-a-SketchGI Joe Camper...I know Gi Joe? My dad was in the army. I did have a Barbie in the camper too!Lite BriteSlinkySpirographSimonMr Potato Head...with the real potato

What are some of your favorite childhood toys or memories with them?

I love reading posts like these, especially from other parts of the world. All our similar memories really make the world a smaller place.

Happy memories,

Easy Upcycled Scarf...From a Shirt!!

I went through a bag of hand me down clothes from my sister and niece...found this shirt that didn't quite fit and looked really bad on me!!

I did like the animal print though, but not the style of the shirt.

I also noticed the bottom portion of the scarf...hmmm, the edges are already finished!

and it's just sewn onto the bodice with one line of stitching.

Get out your seam ripper ladies!!

Here's a ripping tip...hold the fabric coming off with your index and middle fingers and the bottom part with your ring finger and thumb, pulling and spreading apart as you go. This helps to "show" the little stitches as you rip them.

One scarf all finished with only seam ripping involved.

Here it is just draped over...

or in a loose knot!

When you are going through your clothes to give to charity or your are thrift store shopping look for things that can be transformed into something else.

You might not like the style of something any more, put the print and fabric are still cute.


Tool Time Tuesday...Tile Dominoes, Great For Father's Day

You know I love roaming through hardware stores, mind ticking away, looking for new ideas. I was going through the tile aisle again and saw the same rectangle tiles I had at home. Just walking by them again helped me come up with today's project!


Dominoes have a history in our family. My father was born in 1924...a child of the depression. He still tells the story about one Christmas was he was little. The only gift he received was a set of dominoes. They must have meant a lot to him, because he still talks about them 88 years later. You can imagine how many sets we have bought for him over the years!!

Here's my Tool Time version of dominoes...

and a close up too.

You have seen these tiles before in some of my other projects. Click HERE to see those projects.

The 12" x 12" sheets of tile run from $3.00 - 10.00 a sheet. However, this sheet was $1.23 on clearance.

These are glass "like" and come in so many colors.

For dominoes, you will need 28 rectangle…

Two Ingredient Fruit Dip Recipe...

Warmer weather means summer is just around the corner and that also means fresh fruit!! Here is a super easy fruit dip recipe that I've been making for years.

No measuring...just sour cream and add brown sugar to taste!!

Stir until blended. Maybe add more brown sugar. Lol !!

Dip and eat! Dip and eat! Dip and eat! You get the point...

I ate half the strawberries in the package before I took these pictures.

I LOVE this dip. I think there might be another recipe out there with marshmallow...that sounds yummy too!!

Happy Dipping,