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My Thoughts on Thursday...

Did you know one person can eat a whole package of Caramel Delite Cookies from the Girl Scouts in one sitting?
...Don't ask!

Tool Time Tuesday...Sewing/Craft Kit To Go

Happy Tuesday all! I was away for most of the weekend at my first quilting retreat. I can't thank Tina enough for inviting me. I had a great time and met so many wonderful people. I'll share a few pictures later this week.

What I do want to share for this week's Tool Time is what I carried all my sewing goodies in to the retreat. I borrowed my daughter Kelsie's travel hanging toiletry organizer. Travel bags come in many different styles, so anything would work great.

Hanging toiletry bags are great for storing all your crafting and sewing needs when you are taking a class, going to a retreat or even just going to a friend's house for a day of sewing, crafting or scrap booking.

The bag just rolls up and is easy to carry.

Once you unroll them, it shows all the pockets and storage places.

The top pocket is wide and deep, so I stored all my thread and the pill box that carries all my small goodies.

Bobbins, needles, tape measure, safety pins and pins.

The next pocket held all…