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I'm Weird Wednesday...Are You Weird Too?

Let me take that back...maybe not weird. How about wacky!

A while ago, I did a post on crazy things I do, like skipping the first 2 slices of bread in a loaf when making sandwiches. Click here for the story. Well, according to all the comments on that post, we all do weird things.

Thought I would have Weird Wednesday...I really am a sane person, but this post sure doesn't help my case!!

You know that Ritz crackers or any cracker for that matter, have a front and a back. See picture below for proof. The rounded "front" on the left and the flat "back" on the right...I know what you're thinking...she's nuts and even more nuts for sharing this!

I make peanut butter crackers for my husband's lunch. I only put the peanut butter on the "back" side of the cracker. Why? I have no idea...and I think I've always done this.

This makes a well rounded cracker sandwich. At this point, you are all thinking...Ok, where's the straight jacket!

Thought this…

Tool Time Tuesday...Easy Casserole Carriers, Gift Ideas

This week's projects are helpful, quick gift ideas for the holidays. Are you familiar with the cooking show Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee on the Food Network? She takes store bought items and adds fresh ingredients to make a great semi homemade dish.

Well, today these 2 tutorials are Semi-Handmade...purchased place mats plus your special touch with ribbons or fabric and they are turned into bread and casserole carriers. Great gifts for neighbors, friends, teachers and hostess gifts.

The carrier can be the gift itself or you can purchase a new casserole dish or bread pan and add your favorite recipe. Bake the bread in the pan, wrap it up in the new carrier and tie the recipe to the ribbon. A fast, easy and homemade gift that everyone will love!

The first tutorial is this carrier made with one place mat and some ribbon.

The second tutorial is a casserole dish carrier made with 2 place mats, ribbon or a strip of fabric.

Tutorial #1...I purchased this place mat new at a consignment shop fo…

Homecoming Weekend...

This weekend was Homecoming/Alumni/Parent weekend at the girls' university. We had a wonderful day with them. The weather was perfect.... a chilly autumn day with bright sunshine. There was a delicious lunch (sorry forgot to take pictures, busy stuffing my face!). They served butternut squash soup, salad, green beans, cranberry chicken, pumpkin ravioli and apple crisp for dessert. I ate every surprise there.

This is our oldest daughter Courtney and her boyfriend Courtland...he also attends the same university. So glad he's with her...especially when they are lost driving to the movie theater and they call me at midnight for directions!!

Here is our other daughter Kelsie (on the right) with her 2 room mates Emily (center) and Amber (left). They made the dance team for the school and were doing their routine for every one on the school's quad for the autumn festival.

They were excellent!

That's Kelsie in the center.

The festival had games, crafts, fundraisers and m…