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Place Mat Purse...Part 2

Remember the brown purse I made here? Well, here is part 2. This is a simple one and even faster to make than the first purse.

This time I used one place mat.

Just place it face down...the short end facing you.

Fold up the bottom, about 2/3 of the way up.

I folded mine up about 7 inches.

Sew down each side with a 1/4 inch seam.
I just sewed on the existing seam of the place mat with matching thread.

All done...almost. Needs a little decoration.

The top folds over nicely for a cute little clutch.

You can also hot glue a vintage button on the front.

I just used adhesive velcro to keep it closed.

Easy to open and close.

I also hot glue a little decoration!

Find that perfect place mat and a little fabric and you can match any outfit.
Especially when you need that one certain purse to match and you probably won't use it that often.

Easy Peasy!

Enjoy your weekend,

Recycled Cupcake Carrier...

Do you know what I've noticed over the many years of making cupcakes? The carriers they sell don't hold 24 cupcakes...and a batch of cupcakes (a box mix that is) is 24.

So what does this case of bottle water have in common with a batch (24) of cupcakes?

Do you see it there on the bottom of the box?

Look at those circles...there are 24 of them!!

Perfect for 24 of these.

or 24 of these little cute cupcake papers from my trip to Ikea.

I know what you're thinking...where are the cupcakes. Well, I took these pictures earlier this week and I wasn't going to bake a batch of cupcakes with only my husband and myself here to eat them. You know I would have to finish them all. We found out yesterday that our daughters were going home for the weekend, but I made 2 apple pies instead. I made cupcakes the last time we saw them.

So cute!

and here are your 24 cupcakes all ready to take to a party or gathering. You can always add colorful tissue paper or pretty doilies on the inside of the box…

Would You Like to Donate Fabric for QOV?...

I'm sure all of you know the power of a blog...the people it can each and the hearts that it can touch. I have made so many wonderful friends through blogging and Sandy is no exception. Sandy is from Maryland and we have emailed each other over the past 2 months and have become fast friends. Even though Sandy doesn't have a blog...and she really should (hint, hint, Sandy)...she is an inspiration to me in many different ways.

One such inspiration is her Quilts of Valor quilts. Sandy's son served 3 years in Iraq and is still in the military. She is making QOV quilts in honor of his service to our country and she donates them to Walter Reed Hospital.

The button I've made below is a picture of one of the quilts Sandy has made. Isn't it just perfect. I love the pattern and all the beautiful colors really make this quilt. I offered to send Sandy some fabric for her next quilt, but then I had a better idea. Why not do a post to see if any one else would like to donate some …

Tool Time Tuesday...Place Mat Purse

I know, place mats are not tools, but it's Tuesday and this tutorial is cheap, fast and cute. Besides, they sell tools in the store where I bought that counts as a TTT, right!!

See all these place mats? They were $1.00-$1.29 each. I bought them at the Christmas Tree Shop. If you don't know what The Christmas Tree have to experience it yourself. These stores are located in 15 states and I just can't explain it other than to's a store where you go in, spend too much money on things that have great prices and oh really don't need any of it!

I am going to have several tutorials this week turning these place mats into fun and useful items.

Today's tutorial turns these 2 faux crocodile or faux snake skin place mats into the cutest purse.

See cheap, cheap, cheap.

The first step is to fold over the top edge of one of the circles to form the front part of the purse.

Sew a 1/4" seam across the top. I used a regular needle on my…