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Painting Brick...

I know...painting brick! Very scary to take that first stroke of the brush, but boy am I glad I did! Our family room was added to the house before we purchased our home. The lower level of the wall is a brick foundation, then the wall is set back a little to form a ledge. A lot for the eye to settle on. I lived with the two tone wall because I was afraid to paint the more though.
This "before" picture is last year...Christmas 2010. See the two colors...tan walls, beige brick and then tan radiators.

Here's the "after". This picture is this year...Christmas 2011. I didn't take this picture for this painting post, but you can see the difference in the walls behind the tree...much calmer for the eyes. The color flows evenly.

This is a close up of the before.

First step PRIMER. This was the AHHHHH!! moment when there was no turning back.

Roll on the primer with a thicker roller so it gets into all the grooves.

When I painted with the tan paint, I did use a …

Thoughts on Thursday...

I started decorating for Christmas the Friday after Thanksgiving. I'm starting to get the urge to take things down. However, I've never put any decorations away before New Years.

Next week I have Wednesday and Friday then the house will have that "blank" look which is what I need after all the "things" are put away.

How about you???
when do you take your holiday decorations and/or your tree downdo you get the itch to un-decoratedo you need the "blank" house look tooHave a great Thursday,

Tool Time Tuesday...Recycled Office Chair

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas weekend with your loved ones. We made lots of special memories with family and friends again this year!! Love this time of year.
The end of the year also brings on the feeling of organization...well for me organization is any time of year, but more so after the holidays.
A few months ago my husband needed a new office chair. Our cat considered the top back of the chair her scratching post, so the chair had seen better days. My husband took the chair apart to put it in the garbage for pick up...however, my family and friends know to ask before anything goes in the trash!!
You guessed it...I saved everything put the scratched up cushions and the arms of the chair!!

The project today uses the wheels from the base.

If you purchased these stem casters separately, they can be pricey. I've seen them for over $30.00 for a set.

I had a wooden box that I kept under my desk to organize paper, but needed a easier way to pull the shelf in …

Thoughts on Thursday...

I'm still wrapping...haven't had that AHHHHHH moment yet!

How about you? How's your Christmas list of "Things To Do" going?

Relax and have a cup of tea...if it doesn't get doesn't get done!!

Have a great day,

Tool Time Tuesday...Easy Frosted Glass Projects

Happy Tuesday!! I've seen lots of frosted glass projects on the Internet, but they all use the acid etch cream. You know me...I need something quick and easy and of course from the hardware store.
Here's a quick look at two projects I made before I left for work Monday morning.

This is the magical spray I used to make them.

I found this in the paint section in Walmart and Home Depot.

semi transparent for privacy and decoration...the back of the can has full directions, but it's so easy.
clean surface with soap and water...dryadd stencils or stickers if using for decorspray a few thin wet coats a minute or 2 apartlet dry 10 minutesdone, dry in 10 minutes!!!stinks a little when wet, so spray in the garage or outside

use any glass...

use sticker stencils to create the look where the sticker is going to be clear and the object will be frosted. Use a hollow stencil where that will be frosted and the object stays clear glass. You need to block out the rest of the object with somethi…