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Recycled Containers...Great For Cookies

Tis the season where we're all running around crazy...baking, shopping, wrapping. Here's a quick idea for wrapping small gifts or a stack of cookies.

I've saved these containers for a while (no surprise there). I knew they would turn into something! These are the containers that hold the little tubs of drink powder.

This particular brand has a plastic label that just peels right off. There aren't any marks or residue left from glue.

Now it's a clean slate for any decoration.

If you are going to cover the whole container, measure the height ...

and the distance around the tube.

You can use fabric, scrap booking paper, ribbon, old book or music pages etc...

You can also decorate the top of the container. I used my hole punch to make a hang tag too (last week's Tool Time).

One idea would simply be to use ribbon to wrap around the container with a little glue for a candy cane look.

Add your matching gift tag...

Fill with your favorite cookies or small present and it's th…

A Wonderful Week At Pleasant Home...

Hi All! I'm guest posting this Saturday at Pleasant Home'sChristmas Cookie Exchange, but I couldn't wait til Saturday to share Jodi's wonderful ideas with you. All this week she is sharing so many great posts, cookie packaging ideas and the recipes from other bloggers. Stop over for a visit and see all the inspiration and yummy recipes!

Tool Time Tuesday...Handmade Recycled Gift Tags

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Today's tool is from the craft store. I went down the scrap booking aisle with blinders on my eyes. I stayed focus...just needed to get the large circle cutter that's on the left in the picture below. If I start another hobby, I think I'll drown in crafting supplies. Scrap booking is something I've always wanted to try, but don't want to start. Looks like it can be addicting! I only bought the circle cutter and it's great! (ok, I did buy a few sheets of pretty scrap booking paper too). The hole punch with the purple handle punches a tiny circle and the blue one on the right is the traditional hole punch. You can do so many things with them, but today's tutorial is with the large punch.

Today we are making gift tags! Recycled gift tags that is. We'll be making them out of know all the catalogs we get by the boat load in the mail. I used the Vera Bradley catalog because of the great prints and graphics, but any color…