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Machine Sewing Hexagons...Half Hexies That Is

In my last post about hexagons, I said I had "H.A."...Hexagon Addiction. Now I have H2O...Hexagon Habit Obsession!!

Here's a picture heavy tutorial on how to machine sew hexagons. This works for any size hexagon. I made a Grandmother's Flower Garden pillow in this tutorial, but you could just plan out your hexagons in any pattern and sew it into a quilt top, just need to trim the sides off.

Cut your desired size hexagons...this is the large hexagon from the accuquilt cutter die. From flat side to flat side it's about 4 1/2" wide. From point to point it's about 5" wide.

Arrange your hexies in the desired pattern. You could do an all over random pattern, a hexie charm quilt or little flowers all over. It's all up to you! This design, unsewn, is about 17" across.

This next step is crucial to the ease of machine sewing the hexies together. It gets rid of those dreaded dog ears and you don't have to guess how to match up the seams.
The first step…