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Blog Sale Week 2...

Thank you so much for making last week's blog sale so much fun!! Here are a few more item for this week. Look through all the items below and EMAIL ME if you are interested. The comments section will be turned off for the sale to make it fair for all.

This is also a Linky Blog Sale, so if you'd like to sell a few of your items too, link below at the end of the post, where it says..."click here to enter"

email me at

first come first serve through email onlyI will turn OFF the comment section for the Blog Sale. I have many people who do not have a blog and end up commenting as anonymous which doesn't show their email address. I also have people who subscribe to this blog through email. Saying you want an item through "Email Only" makes it fair for all. Helps me with communication too. Guarantees me your email address not the dreaded No ReplyI will ship world widebuyer pays shipping. I will only charge what it costs to ship …

Thoughts on Thursday...

I LOVE food. That could be it for my Thought this Thursday, because I do love food...everything but liver!

However, my thoughts this Thursday are...

If I had to eat the same thing everyday, what would it be?

Of course, there wouldn't be the need to worry about calories or my health or anything like that! LOL

I think I would have to pick loaded Nachos...and I mean LOADED...meat, cheese, all the veggies, sour cream, guacamole etc

How about you?? Remember don't worry about your weight!! Not an issue when blogging.

Happy Thursday,

Commenting, Anonymous, No Reply and Open ID...

Ok, sorry for the long title, but I knew one of those things might grab you and they are all in this post.

We all love comments on our blog, but there are some issues...
word verification is ridiculous now...can't read the word, takes several times, people give upsubscribing to email commentswhat comment form box do we use at the end of our postswho is allowed to leave a commentif you allow anonymous you need the word verification, because you will get spammed to death with 50 emails a day trying to sell you Viagra and nude celebrity photos LOL !! Not kidding on that either. I got them EVERY day. I just turned off Anonymous users because of it. My choice was No Word Verification with No Anonymous Users or Yes to Word Verification and Yes to Anonymous. We all hate the verification now, so that's my only choice.the dreaded "NO REPLY". I think this is my goal in life to rid the blogging world of No Replies!! What is "no reply" you ask? Here's a quick explan…

Tool Time Tuesday...Make Your Own Ironing Board

Happy Tuesday! Today's project is about how to make your own ironing board or ironing station and the "tool" of the day is a staple gun!!

Over the years, I've used a regular ironing board in my sewing room. They work great to adjust the height up and down, but the size of work surface is better for ironing clothing. I do like the feature of bringing the ironing board down low when I'm sewing at the sewing machine and need to press things quickly, but I do need a larger work surface. Larger areas are great for ironing larger pieces of fabric or quilt tops.

Here is my new ironing station!!

My friend Tabatha from work gave me this table. Hi Tabby! Thanks You!! I love the size...long, but narrow.

The first step to make an ironing board is to cover it with quilt batting. I used 2 layers of super thin batting. You can decide how thick you would want your own board.

Love my staple guns...I actually have 3 of them!!

For the batting, you just need to tack it down in a few pla…

A Comment That Touched Me...

Blogging...why do we do it? There must be hundreds of individual reasons why we each blog, but some things that come to my mind are...sharing, inspiration, connecting with others, making friends etc.

I think most of us start out in the blogging world by reading other blogs. Then we "lurk" for a while...stopping by and enjoying each post, but not really making ourselves known. Then it happens...we open a blogging account to becoming a follower on blogs and the opportunity to comment. Comments are what make the blogging world go round. Comments equal connections.

Then some of us take the next step by starting a blog. Now "WE" want the followers, the comments and the connections for our own blog. We write that first post, then the next. We share and take time...lots of time...writing tutorials, baking recipes, sharing thoughts and pictures, but we need that "connection" to others to make it all feel worth while.

About 2 weeks ago I did a post on Your Blog Likes…