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Tool Time Tuesday...Eyemark? Bookmark?

Hello everyone. It's Tool Time Tuesday and you know what that means...something out of the box! I've either used something from a hardware store, an automotive store, used tools to make it or I've dug through the trash to find a treasure. Anything is fair game for Tuesdays even one of my old tutorials.
I made a little change to my eyeglass case tutorial and used a drill to do it!!
Here it is...My Eyemark!! One more thing you may have notice about Tuesdays are the titles to the post. I try to make up something catchy. Well, Courtney and Kelsie think "Eyemark" is...well, they don't like it.
I took an eyeglass case and attached a bookmark, so I think that equals an Eyemark. If I make millions from this some day, my girls are going to be sorry I copyrighted it first, Lol !!!
Here it is...a perfect combo to hold your glasses and to hold your page. See tutorial below.

You will need 2 pieces of fabric 4 inches x 13.5 inches. One of the pieces that I u…

Go Take a Peek...

I found a wonderful new blog when Vickie left a comment on one of my posts. Vickie is from...My Red Truck. I would love it if you could go over for a visit and meet Vickie. She is a sweet heart and her kids are cute as buttons. She has wonderful ideas to share too.
She doesn't know I'm doing this post (but I'll email her though). I just wanted to share her with all of you. So go for a visit and click her follow button. You all remember how it feels when you first start blogging and your follower number goes up!! Who am I kidding...I've been blogging for a year and a half and I still love each new follower. It's like a great big circle of friends.
Thanks and have a great night,

Sharing on Sunday Give Away #5...All About Roses

"We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give." ~Norman MacEwan~ space Sharing on Sunday is my way of saying thank you to each and every single person who stops by my blog, even for just a moment. space Today's give away is all about roses...

a 3 pack of file folders...perfect for organizing

a 2 pack of matchbook style note pads...

a 3 pack of matching rosy pens...

a package of sticky tabs...note pads and tabs to mark your place.

and how can I not include a little rosy fabric. This a piece of Moda fabric from Robyn Pandolph's Folk Art Christmas. The piece measures 12" x 22", so it's a thin fat quarter, lol !! The color is a true mauvey pink with burgundy roses. I'm not sure if the picture comes across as true.

I know I usually ask you just to leave a comment, but let's mix it up a little this week. When I'm sewing or blogging I ALWAYS have a cup of tea by my side and sometimes a salty snack. space Let's all leave a comment …

Sharing on Sunday #4 Winner...

Hi Everyone...hope you loved visiting Robin's blogand her Etsy storefor this week's Sharing on Sunday. She really has some beautiful things.

I want to thank Robin again for emailing me with this wonderful idea. Not only will there be a winner of something great, but I made a new I'm a winner too!!

So onto the winner! Instead of using the random number generator, I wanted to tie the winning number into something to do with Robin. Robin's daughter is 15 years old, so that's the winning number...15.

The winner is Terry from Terry's Treasures space Congratulations Terry! I will email you Robin's information. space Thank you everyone for entering this week and I'll be back in a bit for this week's Sharing on Sunday give away. space ~Karen~