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Coffee Table Makeover...Mod Podge Style

Did you ever live with a piece of furniture that you really don't like for a very long time and then all of a sudden...on a want to transform it. Well, that's the story of a coffee table in our family room.

When my parents moved in with us, they had 50 years worth of furniture that they had collected while traveling the world with the army. My mom was also a yard saler/thrifter and loved her deals. They had several teak dining room tables that they bought while thrifting years ago. This table was one of them.

However, we didn't need a dining room or kitchen table, so a few years ago I switched out the legs of the dining table for the legs of a coffee table. It works great as a coffee table...large enough for all our family gatherings and parties. The thing I hated the dad varnished the crap out of it. Sorry about that, but I couldn't explain it any other way. The wood was so shiny, you need sunglasses if the light hit it. Ok, maybe not that shiny, bu…

Tool Time Tuesday...Handmade Gift Boxes

Hi all my blogging friends. Tuesday is here again and I have another Christmas Tool Time idea for you. Today's tool is a sewing tracing wheel. If you have ever sewed clothing or known some one who has sewn clothes, you have seen a tracing wheel. Well, I haven't sewn clothing in many years, but I do use my wheel for help me make boxes like this.

These are tracing wheels. They are used with tracing paper. When you place a sewing pattern on fabric, you will use the tracing wheel and paper to mark certain aspects of the pattern onto the fabric.

Here's a close up of the wheel itself. One has tiny teeth and the other has a smooth edge. They aren't sharp enough for cutting, but the edge will make a mark on paper, cardboard or card stock.

Not only is today Tool Time, it's also recycling day. I was given Tea Forteas a gift. The tea delicious, but I just love the shape of the tea bags too. This picture below is the wrapper the bag comes in. I knew I loved the shap…

Christmas Home Tour 2010...

I have been collecting Christmas decorations for over 25 years. I add a little bit each year with after Christmas sales. I use the same decorations over and over, but in a different way each year, so it looks like something new.

We have several trees in the house...7 right now, 2 more to go which I'll share later on. I had a ladies dessert party last weekend, so I started decorating the house the day after Thanksgiving. My family is coming here for Christmas this Saturday the 18th, so I'm all set.

Here is a picture heavy post of this year's decorations...Enjoy!

When I was putting this tree together, I knew I wanted to use the big green balls and red. I kept adding and adding the more things I found in boxes. The only thing I added that was new this year are the sprigs of green fuzzy flowers I found in the floral department of Walmart...only $2.00 a bunch! I knew when I was finished this would be the Cindy Lou Who Tree from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Here's the matchin…