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Tool Time Tuesday...Handmade Fabric Gift Bags

Happy Tool Time Tuesday! This is it...the last Tuesday before Christmas, so I thought I would show you how to make a super quick fabric gift bag. I know...sewing, but even if you don't sew very often, you can make these. All they have are 2 straight seams. Easy!

What's the "Tool" of the day? These cuties...they are called Fat Quarters in the quilt world, but some fabric stores have their own name for them. A Fat Quarter is a yard of fabric that is opened up to it's full width, so it would be 36 inches by usually 44 inches. Then that piece of fabric is cut into quarters. Each piece is then 18 inches by 22 inches. Click here for the explanation I did a while back. If you by a quarter of a yard right off the bolt, that measurement would be 9 inches by 44 inches. Buying a Fat Quarter, it's still a quarter of a yard, but Fatter!
You can find Fat Quarters at most larger fabric chain store and your local quilt shop. The big advantages to buying the pre cut Fat Quarter…