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Tool Time Tuesday...Quilt/Blanket Spike

Happy Tuesday! This week's Tool Time is from the hardware store in the tarp/painting section. If you passed by these little gems, would you think quilting, picnicking or the beach? Well, I did...a long time ago. We use these spikes every year at the beach. They hold down all four corners of our blanket or sheet. Just push them right down into the sand. A normal person would use these to hold down painting tarps, but on Tuesdays I'm not normal LOL!

These are 10 inches long, but they do come longer. I think they were about $2.00 each.

All you need is a spike and a length of ribbon (for each corner) and your quilt for a picnic or a blanket for the beach.

I used a piece of ribbon that was about 24 inches long. Fold it in half.

Place the fold on the wrong side so the fold faces towards the inside of the quilt and the tails of the ribbon are facing out.

Like in place.

Run the ribbon through the hole in the top of the spike.

Tie a knot or a bow and now you are ready to push the …

I Need Your Opinion...

I think I might take the plunge into selling some of my handmade items. However, I have a dilemma...well, not really a dilemma, but more of a business question.

When I walk into a fabric store or a quilt shop, I LOVE it ALL. I really do love all fabrics, but I'm drawn to certain ones more than others and continually buy the same type.

I love Moda's 3 Sisters (absolutely everything they've ever made)...

I swoon over all Moda's French General...

and so many others.

Then there are the trendier fabrics like Amy Butler that I love, but never buy...not sure why.

April Cornell...beautiful, but still never buy.

Other modern fabrics are Joel Dewberry and Kaffe Fassett. I think they're great, but for some reason they never end up in my stash. Maybe because they are out of my comfort zone or they're not the style of my home...not sure why.So here's the question for you (whether you sell your own creations or not)...Do I make things to sell with fabrics that I love and I'…