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Blog Buddy...Gmail, Answering Comments etc

Hello All! Welcome to another episode of Blog Buddy...the place where I'll show you bits and pieces, tips and tricks for making your blogging experience a little easier. Click the red link above or the button in my side bar for past posts.

Today's feature is about "how do I answer a comment left on my blog?" My blog friend Regan and many others have sent me emails on this, so I thought I would just do a post on how I answer comments and where all my comments go. Well, they go to my blog of course, but they are also all stored in my Gmail and that's what this post is about...Gmail!

First off...I am in no way affiliated with Gmail...even though I will be tooting their horn for this whole post. I just think it's a great way to blog, especially if you have a Blogger account for your blog. As I have said in the past, Google owns Blogger and Gmail is Google's email, so all is connected very well.

The main question I have received about this topic is:
"how do I…

Tool Time Tuesday...No Sew Tree Skirt for $2.50

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another edition of Tool Time Tuesday. I knew that title would grab sew and $2.50...can't beat that! The $2.50 is for the fleece blanket that makes a wonderful tree skirt for Christmas and the left over scraps will make a stocking too!

Here is the bargain I found at Walmart for the fleece. This set of 2 fleece throws was only $5.00. I wish it came with 2 solid throws, but cheapskates can't be choosers.

Dig through your trimmings...ric rac, appliques, ribbons, buttons etc. The extras can be sewn on, but hot glue them to keep it in the "No Sew" department.

Here is the "tool" in the Tool Time Tuesday...

String taped to the end of a pen = a poor man's jumbo compass. This is how we are going to make a perfect circle!

First, lay out the blanket in a single layer.

I folded the right side over to the left (fold will be on the right).

Then I folded the bottom edges up to the top (one fold will be on the bottom and two folds on th…