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You're Invited To A Baby Shower...

A virtual blogging baby shower that is. I became blogging friends with Zlaty last year. She joined a few of my fabric swaps and has always been there for me with a kind word on every one of my posts.

I know a lot of you know her through her wonderful blog Zlaty Sews. Well, she recently announced on her blog on this postthat she and her husband are expecting their first baby in January...and it's a girl !!! Woo Hoo!

I was thinking, wouldn't it be fun if we had a Blogging Baby Shower for her! I've never done this before, but I was thinking we could:
make, create or share something with Zlaty for the babymaybe knit a pair of booties or blanket, sew a little quilt or wall hanging or buy a cute little baby frame or how about those onesies, boy do babies go through those!...just something small to share with the new baby.she is due in late January, so we have plenty of time to make somethingI will have a reminders in the months to comein Zlaty's family, the tradition is to have…

Added A Few Things To My Sewing Room...

The title of this post should have been...

How To Fit 2 Pounds of Crap in a 1 Pound Bag! space (psst...there's also a reality check photo at the end) space This first picture was when I first moved into my sewing room last year. Click link for last years post. space space This is my sewing room that's a lot of crap, oh sorry "stuff". I changed the blue accents to red and added some more furniture.
space space You may remember some of these ideas from an earlier post, but I'll share again for new comers. This is my cutting table.

I painted an old mug tree for all my scissors and rotary blades.

I use a plate rack to hold all my quilting rulers.

This is a BEFORE of the blue boxes of "stuff".

This is today with the boxes covered in black and white polka dot.

Everything is labeled and filled with "can't live without" stuff. lol
I know you have that stuff too! space

Here's a before of the blue boxes.

Now cute in black and white.

and filled with comput…

Tool Time Tuesday...New Sewing Table

Tool Time Riddle... What do you get when you cross a
Hollow core door with... space
wire and some...

Dryer vent tape?

Well, a new sewing desk of course!

My sister gave me these 2 side tables a while ago. Thanks Colleen!

They've been in different rooms throughout the house...
now they're in my sewing room. They were different heights, so I removed the legs from one and the base from the other.

I gave them a fresh coat of black paint. I officially hate painting. My theory is, if you don't see it...I don't paint it!

I added some left over stainless steel knobs that I had.

The 2 drawer pulls were an odd size that I didn't have.
I improvised with some wire.

To make your own drawer pulls, just take heavy duty wire, a rod or dowel and wire cutters.

Wrap the wire around the rod until your desired length.

Slide off, but leave the 2 ends long enough to thread through the holes in the drawer.

Insert through the front and twist off the ends inside the drawer.
Wrap the ends with duct tape if you…