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Kelsie's Graduation!!

Kelsie, our youngest daughter, graduated Friday night. The weather was perfect and the ceremony was beautiful.
Here they are proceeding in...Kelsie is the last of these 3 girls on the right.

She was very excited. Her smile couldn't get any bigger.

Woo Hoo!!!

Here she is with Courtland, our oldest daughter Courtney's boyfriend.

Too cute.

This has to be my favorite picture of the 2 girls.

We're so proud of her!

Then right after the ceremony everyone changed clothes and we were bused to the All Night (and I mean ALL NIGHT) Graduation Party. space First an all you can eat Luau...

dancing to the DJ.

Then real Luau dancers...

Fire show.

Then on to Paint Ball (sorry no pictures of that) and a huge tent with a DJ and a foam machine and more all you can eat food.

The foam just poured out of the ceiling for 2 straight hours!

This was the kid's favorite!

Then an unbelievable show with an illusionist/mind bender. He did the most amazing tricks. The kids were stunned. This man was wonderful...…

Tool Time Tuesday...isew

I want to thank everyone for all your kind words of congratulations for Kelsie's graduation. It was a beautiful night on Friday. The All Night Graduation Party went well too. The kids had a wonderful time and all the parents survived staying up all night. Although, I don't remember a thing of what I did was kind of a blur. I slept, I think I had a bowl of cereal and I think I watched the Peeble Beach golf tournament, but not so sure. When I was younger I would be fine when I pulled all nighters sewing, but this is for the birds now. My body can't take it!!

Now onto Tool Time Tuesday. My motto for Tuesdays is to "always think outside the box". However, look what was in my fortune cookie. This is so me. When I opened it at the restaurant, the family yelled out Tool Time.

So how ordinary is an ipod / cell phone holder.

This one is called icup.

It's made from a rubber foam like material and it fits in your cup holder in your car.

It has spots f…

Sharing on Sunday Give Away #4...Extra Special Guest

Welcome everyone to the 4th week of Sharing on Sunday. I started this Sunday Give Away to say thank you to all my blogging friends for always being there and for always sharing your world with me...your thoughts, your words and your inspirations.

There is part of a quote from Norman MacEwan that says...

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." space I absolutely love this quote about giving and just says so much. space Well, this week I want to "share" a wonderful new blogging friend with you. Her name is Robin and she has an amazing blog called Fonville Farm. She is talented in so many ways... space She sews... space she made this dress and the matching tie for her husband. Are they not Cute with a capital "C"?

she gardens...
she won 1st place in her first flower show with her beautiful daylily.

she cooks...
ok, she makes homemade hamburger buns. I think I can smell the fresh bread through my computer.

Sharing On Sunday Martha Winner...

Sometimes things just happen for all the right reasons. Random Number Generator couldn't have picked a better number this week.

It's number 5 and the winner of this week's Sharing on Sunday...Martha Stewart's Organizing book is....

The Overloaded Mommy
and by her post yesterday, I think she needs a little pick me up. Thanks Random Number picked a good one this week! space Go for a visit to her blog, it's filled with great recipes and wonderful DIY projects for her upcoming wedding!! So go over and say Hi! space Overloaded Mommy, I just need you to email me your snail mail address so I can send you the book this week. space I'll be back in a bit with an extra special Sharing on Sunday give away for this week, ~Karen~