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I Was Trying To Be Martha Before Martha Was Martha...

This is a story that might only be funny to a certain age group, but still funny none the less. If you are old enough to remember sanitary napkins that came with a belt and those waxed paper bags to throw them away are my target group. All others will still enjoy! I know sanitary napkins??? Bear with's a good one.
Here is a little background for the story. I am the youngest of 5 children, my father career military retiring in 1970, my mother the perfect base commander's wife and military hostess extraordinaire. Always hosting the perfect party even after they were out of the military.
Enter me...1973 or so, 8 or nine years old. My mom and dad were having a very big party. You know the fancy ones...china, crystal, silver and in the DINING ROOM. The table was mostly set and the guests were ready to arrive soon, but I wanted to help. What was the safest job my mom could give me..."Oh Karen, how about you put the cloth napkins on each plate".

I Saw A Mouse...And It Wasn't Mickey

We had a mouse in our cupboard. I wanted to ring it's little neck. I had 2 bags of chocolate chips...the store brand and the other was Nestle. Which one do you think he ripped opened and filled his stomach with? Actually, he could be one of my kids going for the name brand food over the generic. I, myself, eat anything. Lol
It took me the whole day last week to clean out the shelves and bleach everything. Now the only thing in the cupboard are cans and canning jars. No bags of any food for him to bite into.
I used these caps for canning jars instead of the 2 part lids.

The one piece caps are easier to work with on a daily basis, rather than the disk and ring combo that you would use for canning food.

Aren't they cute?

and these yummy new chocolate chips are safe from the mouse. However, this jar was full before I took this picture, so I don't think it's safe from the 6' 3" mouse that I'm married to!!

Hope you don't have a mouse in your house!! I w…

Tool Time Tuesday... Handmade Fabric Beads

Happy Tuesday! Happy Tool Time. What's the most common tool we all have? Nails...nails of every size and shape...tall ones, short ones, thin ones and fat ones. Well, go raid the tool box and bring those nails to your craft room, because we're going to make some jewelry.
All you need are nails, of course...

some of your favorite fabric...

this fabric has a little sparkle in it. The size of the print or design doesn't matter much, because you will be rolling it up so only some of the design will show.

You will also need some kind of glue. I always use Mod Podge. It works great, it dries fast and it also acts as a sealer. It comes in matte or glossy. The beads you will see here are matte finish.

Below are tutorials for 2 different types of beads.
The first bead is one that is the same size and thickness all the way around. The second bead is a tapered one.
For the first bead, I just ripped a strip of fabric about 3/4 inch to 1 inch wide by 7 inches long.
The width of t…

Snowball Night...Squaring Them Up

Hope everyone who joined the Snowball Nightis still sewing away each week. Your pile of snowballs is growing, waiting to be sewn together in the future. Before you sew them together, you might need to square them up. I've had a few emails about this, so thought I would do a post with a few pictures to help.
space This is how I square up snowballs...if anyone else would like to share a post on how you might do it...let me know and I can share your link with everyone. space All of these tips are based on the fact that your original square is "square"...what I mean is, that it is cut to a true 5 inch square (or whatever size you are doing) space Here is one of the snowballs from my future I Spy quilt. The original background square is 5 inches. I sewed the four corners on and now I need to square them up. space There is another tip below for sewing the squares on so there is a little more fabric to trim rather than having too short a block. Better to trim than to throw a block away…