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Friends on Friday...You Had Me At Bonjour

I haven't had a Friends on Friday post in a long while. In the past, on Fridays, I've shared a wonderful new blog I've found, a friend's project or a beautiful photo. Well, today I am sharing all of that and more in just one blog. Welcome to...

You Had Me At Bonjour This unbelievable blog belongs to Kirsty. She is an Australian, living in the south of France and is sharing a bit of her beautiful life with us through her blog. With her permission, I have taken some photos from her blog. You will be transported to France in a heart beat. Seriously...her photos should be in a magazine. Better yet, maybe I should go visit her and see for myself how beautiful the south of France really is LOL !! Pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy...This first picture is the view on her walk home.

This is a picture of her childrens' playhouse in the back's like a fairy tale.

These vineyards are just a short walk from her home...

Just perfect!

and these are from her yard...cherr…

Blog Buddy...Poll

I have a quick blog poll for you...leave all your answers in the comments section. A great big THANK YOU in advance!!

Do you have the word verification feature on your comment section?If you DO NOT have word you get a lot of Spam in your email?When you are leaving a comment on some one's blog, would you rather not do the word verification?

Thanks everyone and if you are new to the Blog the link or on my side bar for more info. space Have a great day, ~Karen~

Blog Buddy...How To Add A Comment Greeting

Welcome to another installment of Blog Buddy. I want to thank everyone for all your wonderful comments and emails. I have read each and every one and I'm making a list of your requests. I'm trying to get back to you and your comments, but with the replying to the comments for my Tool Time, I'm a little behind. Thanks for making the Blog Buddy feature a big's my new addiction to keep the ideas coming.

Here is today's tip and to add a greeting above your comment box.

There are 3 ways to have a comment box appear on your blog (instructions for each in a moment) This picture below is how I have my comment box set up. Embedded below post. My actual comment box is the picture above. Embedded below the post means, when someone clicks to post a comment, the whole post comes up, the previous comments before yours and the comment box.

Another option is "Full Page"...which is pictured below. The Previous comments are to the left and the comm…

Tool Time Tuesday...Santa Claus Can

Hello and welcome to Tool Time Tuesday. For the next few weeks or more, I am going to gear these TTT posts towards Christmas...maybe do some decorating posts or maybe gift giving ideas. I know it may seem early, but we all know those nights of making or decorating at the last minute. So why don't you join me in doing one or two crafts a week, so you can actually enjoy the holidays without all the rushing around.

Here is the first project for the holidays....A Santa Can. Make one this week for yourself and then make another one for gift giving. It's perfect and practically FREE!

Do you remember the postI did showing flower arrangements for a school fundraiser. I went to local restaurants and pizza places and asked them for their large metal cans that tomatoes come in. They were happy to give them to me for free. They are the big ones...7 inches high and 6 inches across at the top.

That's one in the picture below. You will also need red spray paint, something to make a black be…