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Tool Time Tuesday...One More Place Mat Idea

Are you tired of place mat projects yet? Click here for past projects. This is the last one...I think! Here's is a quick and easy idea for a little fall decorating or something for Thanksgiving here in the states. It's still fall here even though I woke up to snow this morning here in New England! This idea is great any time of year, just change the color of the place mat and the pretty things you place inside.

You need one round place mat. This one is chocolate brown in color, even though the picture is dull. It's made of straw like material and very pliable, not ridged.

Here's a better idea of the color and the size.

Roll the place mat into a cone and temporarily hold together with clips

Hot glue in the over lapping area. Hold in place until dries...just a few seconds.

Now you are ready to fill with any thing from flowers, leaves, berries...

I also hot glued on a little hanger. If you use a fabric place mat, you could sew this on too.

Before filling with your decorations, I…

Candle Sticks and Lamps...

Here are a couple quick ideas with candle sticks and candle stick lamps...

Take an ordinary candle stick with a candle in it and add...

a mini chandelier lamp shade.

Just place the wire that was for the light bulb over the candle.

Quick and easy dress up for a plain old candle.

Here is a real candle stick lamp...the kind that uses a light bulb.

I don't use this for a lamp any more.

What I do use it for is a wreath. Just wire the wreath to the top of the lamp and...

Tah Dah! A very inexpensive wreath holder. The stands you buy in the store are way too expensive for me!!

Hope you liked these 2 quick ideas for decorating. space Have a great day, ~Karen~

Blog Buddy...Link To Your Profile Picture

Here is another post for the Blog Buddy feature. Click here for past posts.

Remember the last post I did about trying to link your blog to your profile picture. If you are new to my blog, I am determined to figure out why some of us have a link to our blogs on our profile picture and some of us do not.

Well, with the help of Marni from Sassy Sitesand Regan from Floating on a Quilted Cloud, I think there is an answer...

First, find out if you are missing the link to your blog on your profile picture. Do that by going to a blog that you just followed, click on your picture and see what pops up. The first thing should be your "About Me"desciption, a link to your blog name, your recent activities and then a list of blogs you follow. If your blog name is there with a link...your job is done. If it isn't, try the following:

click on your profile picture againbelow is a picture of what it looks likein the upper right hand corner, click on SETTINGS.

Then another screen pops up that l…